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31st of May
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In Russia at the end of May we celebrate the Day of the worker of the chemical industry. On this day we honor and congratulate people who have linked their lives with one of the most difficult and important section of the industry.

Everyone knows that the chief chemist in Russia was and still is Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev. There is an interesting legend, which says that when Mendeleev was 35 years old, he dreamed of the Periodic table of chemical elements. There is a certain theory, the world is unknowable and it depends on who explores it. Therefore, the researcher influences the results of the experiments.

There are a large number of Universes with different properties. Our universe consists of 114 chemical elements that were put in correct order by Dmitry Ivanovich.

The tradition to celebrate the Day Chemist under the sign of the chemical element originated in the MSU. Slowly it spread on to other chemical faculties of other schools. For every year, new chemical element of the Periodic table is selected; the very first celebration was under the first element of the periodic table - hydrogen.

Dear chemists, we want to thank you for your hard work and wish you patience and good health!

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