Development, coordination and implementation of projects of any complexity!

Design is the basis of a positive result. The resulting project becomes a complete structure of models, properties or characteristics of one system. When designing, the goals and objectives of the project are set, risks are assessed and constraints are taken into account. Our company has been designing since 2008.

  • Mining and processing enterprises (1)

    JSC "Niue" has considerable experience in designing mining and processing enterprises, in particular for such facilities as:

    Development of deposits by open-pit mining;
    Development of deposits by underground mining;
    Mineral processing plants;
    Hydraulic structures at mining and enrichment facilities.
    As part of the design, the following documentation is developed by the specialists of JSC "Niue" :

    Project documentation (requirements, Provisions of the approved Post regulation No. 87 (16.02.2008);
    Project documentation ("technical project", according to the requirements of the Regulation approved by The
    Resolution No. 118 dated 03.03.2010 and MEP Order No. 218 from 25.06.2010);
    Development of special sections of project documentation (TBE, PB, EE, GOCHS, BDP, DPG)
    Working documentation
    Feasibility study
    TES variants of this work
    Projects of conservation and liquidation of facilities
    The developed documentation is accompanied by the relevant inspection bodies: FAA "Glavgosexpertiza", State environmental expertise, non-State expertise, industrial safety Expertise, as well as protection of project documentation (Technical projects) in Rosnedra.

    According to the developed design and working documentation is carried out supervision at the construction stage

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