Engineering is the basis of a positive result. In order to implement the ideas, inherent in scientific works, as well as continuous improvement of production processes, design products are created in regard to design data and Customer requests. The resulting project becomes an integral structure of models, properties or characteristics of one system. Design development process helps setting project goals and objectives, assessing the risks and take into account the restrictions. Developed design products allow construction companies to implement initial ideas in concrete and metal, and the Customer to obtain necessary permits and approvals from the supervisory authorities. The design process covers all aspects of the future activities of a new production, starting from the heart of the process - technology, followed by reliable and energy efficient building structures, and ending with infrastructure facilities, without which the operation of even the most advanced production is impossible. 

Engineering department, which became part of JSC NIUIF in 2016, has more than 50 years of experience in chemical and mining facilities. Design process is highly intelligent, multitasking, and intricately linked. Conglomeration of the specialists’ experience, established links of interaction between the stages of the process and its participants, and the provision of implementation tools - modern software products is required for flawless fulfillment of the objectives. JSC NIUIF has all abovementioned competencies and successfully implemented projects confirm this fact. 

While gaining design experience, a close relationship has been built between the design departments, including those located in different cities. The planning and control of the design stages is based on the best modern practices and experience of the older generations. The Institute develops a full range of engineering products, from basic designs, design documentation to working and detailed design documentation. As part of the design scope, Russian Federation and industry standards are met, all the necessary calculations and justifications are performed. The developed documentation passes any levels of expertise, approvals and confirmations. 

As tools for the implementation of design products, only licensed software of the latest release is used (annual updates). We use key software products such as AVEVA (3D and BIM-design system), AutoCAD, Compass 3D, Topomatic Robur, Pilot-ICE (design document turnover system), calculation programs SCAD and Lira, NTP Truboprovod and EnergyCS, optimizer programs Digimine, programs of ecological calculations ECOLOG and ARM-Acoustics, and many other auxiliary resources.

  • Mining and processing enterprises (12)

    JSC NIUIF has considerable experience in designing mining and processing enterprises, in particular such facilities as:

    • open cast mining;
    • underground mining;
    • mineral processing plants;
    • hydraulic structures at mining and beneficiation facilities.
    Within the scope of engineering works JSC NIUIF develops the following documentation:

    • design documentation;
    • all types of detailed design documentation;
    • special project design sections;
    • feasibility study, feasibility study of capital construction facilities;
    • technical and economical evaluation
    • projects for temporary shutdown and elimination of facilities;
    Field supervision at the construction stage is carried out in accordance with the developed design and detailed design documentation.

  • Chemical production (5)

    Section is under development.

  • Infrastructure facility (1)

    JSC Apatit, Balakovo