Development, coordination and implementation of projects of any complexity!

Design is the basis of a positive result. The resulting project becomes a complete structure of models, properties or characteristics of one system. When designing, the goals and objectives of the project are set, risks are assessed and constraints are taken into account. Our company has been designing since 2008.

  • Mining and processing enterprises (12)

    JSC NIUIF has considerable experience in designing mining and processing enterprises, in particular such facilities as:

    • open cast mining;
    • underground mining;
    • mineral processing plants;
    • hydraulic structures at mining and beneficiation facilities.
    Within the scope of engineering works JSC NIUIF develops the following documentation:

    • design documentation;
    • all types of detailed design documentation;
    • special project design sections;
    • feasibility study, feasibility study of capital construction facilities;
    • technical and economical evaluation
    • projects for temporary shutdown and elimination of facilities;
    Field supervision at the construction stage is carried out in accordance with the developed design and detailed design documentation.

  • Chemical production (5)

    JSC NIUIF carries out design work on complex ore beneficiation, ranging from ore preparation (crushing, grinding, averaging) to storage and loading of final product (concentrates).

    JSC NIUIF specialists have experience in selecting the optimal flotation technologies for both the main product and the complex extraction of useful components, including using combined flotation and separation methods.

    All the necessary infrastructure objects are designed to ensure the operation of factories: water supply (including reverse), air supply, heat and electricity, vacuum pumping, etc.

    As part of the mining and processing plants design, the necessary hydraulic structures are developed: tailing dumps (including pulp pump stations and reverse water supply stations), water level regulation systems at water intake facilities (barrages, dams), river bed transfer and mine water collection projects.

  • Infrastructure facility (0)

    Section is under development.